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Caregiver Support

Hope Hospice Offers Caregiver Support Activities

For people caring for loved ones with life-limiting illnesses (spouses/parents/children/friends)

Caring for a sick loved one can be stressful and, at times, overwhelming. Hope hospice understands the need for caregivers to be refreshed and renewed. We do this by getting them away from their daily routine for a day or evening to share with each other and to have some fun.

One activity this year is our upcoming Caregiver's Tea at the Soergel Orchards in Wexford. It will be an opportunity for our caregivers to shed their concerns, relax and enjoy themselves. The tea room is the perfect place to do this, as it is warm and inviting. Provided are "dressup" hats, feather boa's, shawls, etc. that will encourage all of us to step out of our normal roles and be lighthearted for an afternoon of food, music, fun and most of all, sharing.

These kinds of outings are a rare opportunity for caregivers and leave them with renewed strength to carry on their important mission.

Check our website periodically for updates on activities.



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